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Your data is never just data. It’s precious ideas, documentation, personal information, and valuable contacts. You wouldn’t want any of this to end up in the wrong hands, would you?

Don't let your data be everyone's business.

Data protection is increasingly crucial, as regulations such as GDPR tighten data security requirements. A data protection failure can lead to data breaches, loss of customer trust, regulatory sanctions, or even legal action. The reputational damage can be irreparable.

3 Step IT

Deleting does not equal data erasure

Take control of your data inventory and keep your data in your hands when one device lifecycle ends and the next one begins.

Sell your old IT to us and
securely destroy old data

Refresh your devices and
erase data regularly

Internationally trusted,
Infosec 5-standard data
destruction process

Receive a data destruction

How to address the GDPR challenges

In this webinar, hear specialists discuss different aspects of GDPR:

Kim von Arx, a data privacy expert from d8amatics will break down the fundamentals of GDPR and explain the importance of data inventory in the GDPR process.

Fredrik Forslund, a vice president of Blancco and an expert in data erasure, will introduce us to GDPR’s “Right to Erasure” requirement.

Sam Merwah from 3 Step IT will explain how you can maintain control through the IT lifecycle management process.

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See how our clients have improved data protection of their old IT:

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