Renew and refurbish – new life for old devices


Using IT equipment past their optimal refresh date may seem like a good way to delay costs and save money. But to avoid the increasing service and IT support costs, frequency of technical failures and inconvenience to users resulting of old IT, it makes sense to plan a regular technology refresh.

We make returning and replacing your IT equipment straightforward and sustainable. 

You will avoid the opportunity cost of using old IT and be able to offer the latest, high-performing technology for your employees.

Optimal refresh rate of devices

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Refresh your IT with our solution and benefit from:

Residual values that help to reduce your lease rental payments

A more affordable, planned lifecycle


Refreshing your IT equipment in a more sustainable way

Do profitable business without compromising sustainability

Our approach to IT equipment refresh:

3 Step IT

We collect your old IT equipment at the end of the lease. You will be notified in advance of the approaching refresh date

3 Step IT

We organise packing and transport, and refurbish the devices instead of selling them for scrap. We have certified refurbishing  centres  and partners  to handle used IT equipment.

3 Step IT

The collected devices go through an ISO27001 accredited data destruction process, and data is erased to infosec 5 standard. The service includes a data destruction certificate.

3 Step IT

Our  partners  resell the used IT equipment mostly in Europe, to countries with effective electronic waste regulation to ensure they will eventually be recycled responsibly.

3 Step IT

You can order equipment replacements, or use  our  3ChooseIT  service to let your employees select from your list of approved device alternatives. When the new IT equipment arrive, the next lifecycle begins.

3ChooseIT: Let your employees choose the equipment they prefer

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Get rid of old data and equipment, sell your old IT to us

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Did you know? Around 1 billion smartphones are replaced every year, but only a fraction of them are recycled. How can you capture the potential of e-waste recycling, without security or environmental hazards?

Download our Smart re-dial fact sheet to find out!

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