Asset NG

The foundation for IT lifecycle management


Our Asset NG online application is the foundation and backbone of our IT lifecycle management solutions. It is our own unique innovation that makes managing IT effortless and less time consuming.

Manage and get a centralized view of all your leased IT assets as they are acquired, used, and renewed.

The Asset NG portal helps you manage your IT budgets, allocate IT costs better, and produce reports to make informed decisions regarding your IT.


3 Step IT

Stay in control - all the answers in one place, all the time.

Stay in control - all the answers in one place, all the the time

A central register gives you a single view of your IT, as well as:

Helps to plan device return and refresh

Monitors the use, location and status of all devices 

Provides tools for cost allocation, budgeting and financial reporting

Can be integrated with your corporate systems and software

All about Asset NG in one factsheet

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3 Step IT

How does Asset NG work?

3 Step IT

The service starts with checking and accepting deliveries, to start devices' lease periods.

3 Step IT

Detailed information about basic, financial and technical data is available in the asset register.

3 Step IT

A detailed dashboard of your leased assets shows the insights visually

3 Step IT

Get device-level information, financial reports, and cost allocation plans for projects and departments.

3 Step IT

At the end of the lease you'll be told about lease-ending dates and asked for instructions. When each returned device is refurbished, you get a data erasure report, and a report on their condition.

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