Better control of your devide usage with real-time data

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3FindIT  helps the IT team manage devices, and discovers and records information about PCs, laptops, printers and software, while they are in use.

Its reporting adds detail to the 3 Step IT asset register. Combining up-to-date device data with lease data, 3FindIT automates a repetitive IT administration task and tells you:

  • which devices are active, inactive or missing 
  • when to return your leased devices
  • how to adjust acquisition plans
3 Step IT

Automate IT administration and give IT support team time to focus on what's important

3FindIT releases your IT team to focus on delivering projects. It adds value by enabling them to:

Set the automated schedule to run an interrogation weekly, monthly, or even hourly as a background task 

Get a detailed description of the device and its user with each new profile 

Get the details of the software running on each machine 

Use the serial number to see what is leased, and what is not 

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Ease IT administration and support tasks.

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3 Step IT

A comprehensive, detailed, up-to-date asset register requires no administrative effort 

Accurate information simplifies planning for software upgrades, fixes and major changes 

Asset matching highlights devices where the users have changed, to allocate charges to the correct cost center and improve security 

Alerts show devices that have not been seen on the network for a specified time. This helps to identify lost or stolen devices, to improve control and data security.

Reveals unused devices to reallocate them and reduce costs 

Total network information helps manage software audits and license compliance.

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