3ConnectIT - API family that enables automated integration


As the first member of the 3ConnectIT API family, Asset View API provides access to device data in the 3 Step IT Asset NG register:

- 3 Step IT provides the API for clients and partners to create integration between our asset register and your systems.

- The API defines a set of rules how devide can be transferred to and from the Asset NG.

- The API is of REST technology, any system that meets the REST requirements can communicate with Asset NG via this API.

Asset View API is only the first, more APIs are coming to the 3ConnectIT API family.


3 Step IT

Benefits of API usage:

Device and leasing information is maintained on one system where another is integrated

Data integrity is assured systems are synchronised, and it’s easier to spot occasional errors if they are consistent

Automated, integrated systems handle growth smoothly. There is no IT administration burden handling extra devices and new users. 

With 3 Step IT’s future proof integration opportunities you can focus on your core business and create a scalable base for your growth.

With 3ConnectIT you can: 

Let technology handle the data

Set people free to focus on business

Reduce risk of human errors

Secured automation never forgets to synchronise data nor misspells anything

Choose your system

You can carry on managing devices with Asset NG, or integrate with other systems and tools

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