Get the most out of your IT budget with IT lifecycle financing


The IT lifecycle starts when you acquire devices. Instead of buying the devices and risking lifecycle refresh plans being derailed, leasing technology frees your cash. So you can plan budgets, monitor costs and refresh as planned, simply and without the service and support risks that come with ageing equipment.

Leasing with us is as effortless as buying. 

With our acquisition solution, budgeting is simplified with predictable payments. Cash is always available for purchases up to the agreed finance limit, so you can manage your IT lifecycle as planned. Choose the supplier and devices, we will take care of the rest.

3 Step IT

Maximise your business performance with IT financing

Procure technology when your business needs it, free from budget constraints

Order the IT equipment that is best for you, change manufacturer and model freely

Save time and avoid working with multiple partners

Simplify IT budgeting with predictable payments

Avoid the risks of rapidly depreciating assets

Sell current devices and lease them back to complete the switch and free some cash

Don't let your current capital determine your future actions

We agree a finance limit


You choose the supplier and the IT equipment you need

We lease the equipment to you for the agreed term

You get free access to our online asset management tool as a part of our leasing solution.


Contact us and we will find the best fit for your business!

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Our IT lifecycle leasing solution is designed to support a regular IT refresh plan.

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