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Sources of quick audit tool

The quick audit is based upon typical benchmarks and reasonable assumptions. By taking our PC cost calculator assessment you can fine-tune it to your own circumstances. Our sources for performance comparisons, and default values for support costs are as follows:

  • SYSmark™ 2014, a benchmark from the BAPCo® consortium that measures the performance of Windows® platforms. Find out more at
  • Battery Life rundown (in minutes) as measured by Tears of Steel®, 1080p, 23.976fps, H.264, 3000kbps, rev1.mp4 >/=200nit, DPST=ON, no dimming, balanced, Wi-Fi connected.
  • Graphics performance measured using 3DMark 1.2.0 Cloud Gate for DX 10 graphics subtest. Full details at
  • Techaisle® - The ageing PC effect – exposing financial impact for small businesses.

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