iT asset management

take control of your

IT lifecycle

We compile and maintain a comprehensive register of assets in our online portal, incorporating technical and financial information for each asset. We capture new assets on the portal from supplier invoices and remove old assets as you update your estate, so your information is always current.

Your IT and finance teams can track your hardware from acquisition to return, easily reporting for budgeting and cost control, and ordering new devices, at the click of a button.

Our solution enables you to monitor and manage thousands of IT assets – wherever or whatever they are. See how our services apply to PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, servers, and more.

IT lifecycle management helps 11 000 Cargotec employees in 160 countries daily:

Use the right tools

and do the right things

at the right time


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Supporting and managing IT typically accounts for 80% of its total cost of ownership (TCO). These costs increase with device age. Regularly refreshing IT delivers cost-savings and enhanced work-efficiency. To implement on-going refreshes you need effective asset management.

We have created asset management tools that meet our customers’ everyday needs. These provide:

  • a centralised asset register
  • automated asset updates which use invoice, delivery and removal information
  • a single view of all your IT assets
  • the ability to track the use, location and status of all devices
  • comprehensive tools for cost allocation, budgeting and financial reports
  • asset monitoring for the whole lifecycle
  • prompts for refresh decisions, actions and critical dates
  • the potential to integrate with other tools and software

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Our IT asset management tools help you to keep track of leased assets. They make managing the IT estate less time consuming.  The tools also provide you with the information you need to inform end-of-lease and end-of-life decisions.

We deliver complete lifecycle management by combining:

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