Finance, IT and technology partnering for success

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We work together with finance as well as IT and technology partners to ensure excellent service and provide leasing and lifecycle management services to their customers. 

More out of technology

We enable IT and technology partners to offer a proven leasing solution to their customers, which supports a planned refresh cycle. 

Financing increases your customers’ spending power, so you can sell more. 

Finance helps you develop a more persuasive proposal, so you win more often. 

Sell on financial terms to a CFO or CEO by offering IT funded from opex budgets. 

Improve your cash flow when 3 Step IT settles your invoice within days of customer acceptance. There is no bad debt with financed sales, no bad debt administration, simply an improved return on working capital. 

Get repeat business during the lease when customers want to acquire more technology as the cash is always available. 

Stimulate replacement sales at the end of the lease period. Proactive sales tactics typically generate 110% lease replacement revenues. Mid-lease reviews can also offer additional purchasing power. 

We will fund technology from any vendor.

As a channel partner, you keep your freedom to develop and propose the best technical solution. Your customers are free to select whichever brand they prefer.

3 Step IT

Better financing for finance institutes

We enable banks to add value to their finance solutions by offering a complete leasing service. Banks are able to differentiate their services using our leasing and IT lifecycle management solution. 

We are always looking for new partners.

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3 Step IT

We are happy to hear what you would be looking for in our partnership. 
Contact us and we’ll come up with an offer you can’t refuse. 

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