20 years of making the circular economy a reality

3 Step IT was founded in 1997 to offer an IT lifecycle management service, provided in a more sustainable way. The company set out to build a business to help its clients plan and manage a regular refresh of PCs and laptops, and refurbish returned equipment for resale, following a circular economy model right from the start.

The economics of this approach only made sense if devices were in good condition when returned. We developed an asset management tool to help our customers keep track of their devices and their planned refresh. 

With 20 years’ specialised experience, we have become trusted experts in the IT asset management business.

We handle customers’ used devices in our five logistics centres, securely erasing their data, after which we refurbish them for resale.

We operate in Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, 
Norway, Singapore, Sweden and the United Kingdom

Currently, we manage around 2 million assets for our customers and refurbished 480,000 
devices in 2018, including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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Our key numbers at a glance

Read how we as an IT lifecycle management company help our clients to acquire, manage and refresh devices in the most sustainable way. 

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3 Step IT

Our vision, mission and strategy

After 20 years of continually raising the standard of IT lifecycle management, we are on a mission to enable the most advanced IT lifecycle management with the highest possible customer satisfaction. This allows our clients to get more out of their IT and to focus their IT department on innovation.
Our vision is to become the number one IT lifecycle management service provider wherever we conduct business. Our strategy focuses on continuous innovation in our asset management service and in the way we serve our customers. It is part of our strategy to grow though partnership both where we operate today, and to enter new markets.

3 Step IT

Our values

Our values give us the foundation for everything we do, they provide the cornerstones for our business.

Positive and passionate
We choose to be positive. We encourage each other. We go the extra mile.

We are driven by the results we deliver to our clients and the positive differences that we make in their businesses. At 3 Step IT, every employee’s contribution matters. We believe that motivated employees promote innovative and creative work culture.

Honest and open
We talk straight. We keep our promises. We take responsibility.

We are straightforward and deliver on our commitments. We operate with a high degree of transparency, so there are no unwanted surprises. We do what we say we will and take full responsibility for all that we do. If we ever fall short of your expectations, we will resolve the issue immediately.

Learning every day
We are eager to learn. We share best practices. We learn from our mistakes.

We are innovative and adaptable. We respect that clients know their businesses best and listen to their unique needs. By bringing creativity and flexibility to the service, we provide them with the best solutions. We are not afraid to challenge convention where we feel that an alternative approach could be more fruitful.

Circular Future

We believe that efficiency and value don’t have to come at the cost of sustainable solutions. 

Smart lifecycle management helps companies power up, or increase their abilities and the value they get from IT. 

Shifting from ownership to the principles of circular economy allows for constant, in-built value creation and benefits our society in wholesome way.

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